Founded on the idea people should be confident buying apparel online.

While out jean shopping, Tailored co-founder Kristy Desmarais had an epiphany…

After not one pair fitting how she preferred, she envisioned an online platform that would allow her to see how new jeans fit.

Fast forward to today, Tailored is a fashion technology company solving major issues facing both retailers and consumers.


A single idea sprung many visions. Since 2016 Tailored has meticulously sculpted itself into the company you know today. Below is a brief history of how it happened.

Early 2016

An Idea Is Born

The SideCloset app was launched, one of the first that let users browse new styles based on a match to their body measurements.

Late 2016

50 Brands

Being the first full-time employee, Dave pitched the app to hundreds of retailers, eventually partnering with 50 across 8 countries. Later re-branding itself as The Tailored App.


The Pivot

Behind the scenes, Tailored was developing a recognition software that could measure clothing. Because of the interest they were receiving, the decision was made to shut down the Tailored App and focus solely on the new software.

Early 2018

The Future Starts Here

Tailored raises its first round of outside funding and brings on Jeff Collins as COO.

Late 2018

Coming soon...