May 23, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Apparel software improves the online-fit experience

When speaking of apparel, if there is anything we can learn from return and conversion rates, it’s that consumers aren’t comfortable with the online experience yet. The average conversion rate for online fashion retailers is just 4%. Chalk that up to there being too many options, too many brands, short attention spans, or there being no way to try clothing on. Though those reasons are true, statistics show the major reason people are hesitant to click “buy” is they aren’t confident they’re going to receive the right fit.

Why so much clothing is returned

Over 75% of all returns are for preference-based reasons (wrong style, wrong fit, etc…). Knowing there is a huge issue to be solved, apparel software companies have littered the market with solutions over the last 10-15 years. Unfortunately these solutions are focused around body measurements and body scanning, neither of which are able to tell you a persons fit-preference. Tailored is here with a fresh take on solving the online garment-fit problem.

Tailored's photo garment-measuring apparel software

Finding the best fit

Apparel is personal; it engages more of our senses than buying, lets say, the latest tech gadget. There is a lot of preference involved in making the right clothing choice, and it’s much easier to be sure our preferences are met when we’re in a store versus online. But the fact is, all consumers have an item in their home that can all but confirm that new pair of jeans their considering will be a fit match, and that is the jeans they already wear!

apparel software for finding the best fit

But what are the ways to easily match the fit of the jeans in ones closet to the jeans sold online? Some apparel software companies understand that collecting the physical dimensions of garments consumers own is the best way to match them with new apparel, but hand measuring clothes is not feasible for most people. So Tailored created a simple and effective way to capture the physical measurements of a garment, simply place it on a flat surface and take a photo with a mobile device. Performing this task will capture 100% of the measurements pertinent to fitting clothing with a body, thus perpetually aiding consumers in comparing the fit of clothing they own to the fit of garments sold online.

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