November 7, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Automated Garment Measuring – Machine+Humans

Automation is a highly used industry buzz word these days. Talk to any C-level exec about what their company is looking to improve on in the years to come and a conversation about automation will surely ensue.  The reasons corporations look to add automation are obvious, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and new technologies are making it easier to do this. The apparel industry in particular has been reluctant to incorporate automation, even though a reduction in time-to-market, a reduction in human costs or a reduction in logistics costs could be obvious benefits. Tailored is changing this with its patented automated garment measuring technology. Though automation usually means a reduction in employees, Tailored is automating with a humans plus machine approach.

Much of the automation seen today is coupled with machine learning. Take the ubiquitous smart thermostat, it uses machine learning algorithms to learn when you are home and away to program the ideal temperature to satisfy both you and your electric bill. Tailored uses machine learning and computer vision to learn the infinite number of color and shape combinations of individual clothing articles. It uses this data, along with a known point of reference, to calculate the garments physical measurements.

automated garment measuring

With the snap of a single photo, Tailored will measure an entire garment according to a retailers specific points-of-measure. The amount of time it takes a human to physically measure a garment’s critical measurements and record the data is about 2 minutes, by comparison, one of Tailored’s clients has gotten the task down to 15 seconds with automated measuring.

As each retailer has their own unique way of measuring clothing, relying on machine measuring 100 percent of the time might allow errors to creep in, which is unacceptable to Tailored and the garment industry. Due to this logic, Tailored’s system includes a “quality analysis” feature so that during the process of photographing garments and reviewing measurements, an employee can quickly edit a garments measure location if it appears not to be the exact point where the retailer measures from. This allows Tailored’s algorithms to continuously get better and makes sure the measurements are always correct. Hence humans plus machine.

With automated garment measuring software, Tailored has created a way for humans to perform repetitive and mundane jobs in the garment industry more effectively and thus allowing them to spend more time on more important tasks.