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Accomplish More With Less

With a single photo Capture will instantly measure the critical measurements on a garment. No fancy equipment is needed, just a camera and a flat surface. Help your team get their measuring tasks done quicker and more consistently.

Handheld or Fixed Position

Integrating Capture into your workflow is easy and there are different ways depending on your needs. Establish a photo station in your warehouse with a camera in a fixed position or use Capture freehand with a mobile device.

Points Of Measure

Capture measures garments where you do. Your POMs are programmed in to our system, measuring exactly the same location, every time.

Garment Types

The Capture garment measuring system recognizes all styles of shirt, sweater, and jacket along with shorts and pants. Dresses and other full length garments coming soon.


Adopt Capture using our fully customizable web-SDK. Measurement data flows directly into your system via our API. Not using a PLM? You’ll have access to our web reporting tool which allows you to easily export measurement data.

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