July 25, 2018 Dave Desmarais

Benefits Of Digital Garment Measuring Technology

Technology and benefits are two words that go hand-in-hand. Most technologies are developed for some combination of the following four reasons: To make something safer, to make something easier, to save us time, or to save us money. All these reasons lead to a higher quality of life for us humans, whether in the work or home environment. We created digital garment measuring technology to save apparel retailers time and money and to make online shopping easier for consumers. Here is our page on the full benefits of digital garment measuring; the following is a condensed list for a quick read.

Much Improved Accuracy

We’ve mentioned before that the human hand and eye are prone to error, thus achieving the most accurate, consistent results will not come by physical hand measuring. Tailored’s measuring software is able to recognize thousands of styles of garment and it also has the ability to learn. This means the more photos of apparel the software sees, the more accurate it gets. We are pushing our technology to measure a garment 10 times more accuratly than a human ever could.

80% or Greater Reduction in Time Spent Measuring

Since the inception of Tailored, we’ve spoken with hundreds of retailers around the globe, and they all have the same gripe. Measuring apparel is a necessary task throughout the process of garment design, production, and quality control, but it is also one of the most laborious and time consuming. The average time needed to hand measure a garment, record the data, and enter the data into a computer program hovers around 6 minutes for a single garment. Tailored can do it all in less than 5 seconds.

Instant Access To Measurement Data

All businesses push for increased efficiency in their workflow, apparel retail is no different. Quality control and analyzing vendor samples are two areas that add a lot of time to a garments life cycle. With Tailored your team has instant access to measurement data taken at the factory, out in the field, or in the many design departments in your corporate headquarters.

Team Alignment

There is only so much time in a given work day, and with all companies looking for ways to go faster, employees are pushed to do more with less and many times this means taking work home with them. A drastic reduction of time spent on physical measurements means their minds can be put towards more effective use.

For a greater description of the benefits of our digital garment measuring software please visit our Benefits page.