An online fit solution that makes sense.


When shopping online, the inability to try clothes on means many times shoppers lack confidence when they’re selecting their best size/fit. Tailored provides the ultimate confidence by comparing the fit of garments they already own and love to the fit of garments you sell online.


You hate returns and so do your customers.

Eliminate “sandwich buyers”

Recommend based on fit match

Increase confidence

Encourage new customers

Capture fit and style preference

No hassle


Garment sizing has become arbitrary and consumers are more confused than ever before. Tailored recommends garments to shoppers based on a dimensional match to items they own and also suggests their best size.


Give your online shoppers confidence that they’re making the right choice the first time.

Match Their Fit Preference

Now that you know their fit preference, you can recommend new styles now or in the future.

Help Choosing A Size

Tailored provides assistance to shoppers who need help selecting a size before buying.

Sort Your Online Catalog

New and current customers can instantly sort your catalog by styles matching their fit.

For Your Webstore and App

Simple integration, no complicated site changes.