October 4, 2018 Dave Desmarais

Tailored’s First Product Video

There’s a lot of talk about product videos, and rightly so. The old adage “actions speak louder than words” holds true not only when judging a situation, but also when judging something we may want to purchase. Videos speak to our senses more than written word. As a startup, getting people to read a product description or listen to the service you offer can be difficult, but a product video can be the answer to many of your woes. For Tailored, we wanted our first product video to deliver the right combination of awe and demonstration and now seemed like the perfect time.

Tailored's first product video

Shooting our first product video was exciting and scary. Since our garment measuring software is aimed at both internal operations and consumers, we needed to decide whether to portray both or one view over the other. Initially we chose the consumer angle, but scrapped it the day before our shoot was to take place. We rescheduled and spent the weeks leading up to our rescheduled date refining our script and story board. Our new focus was the way our software would help retailers improve workflow efficiency. In the end it changed again and our video would be a combination of the two.

Tailored video shoot

We enlisted the help of three extras (one family member and two students from Florida Gulf Coast University). We were super impressed with their acting skills and would have them all back for round two, when it gets here. We even shot a small cameo with two of the Tailored partners.

Tailored video shoot

You’ll want to spend hours and hours planning and script writing, but in the end the important thing is to schedule it and get it done. Chances are you’ll end up doing more than one video in your companies lifetime and the worst thing is a product or video that never launches.

Special thanks to Dale Ward @ NufMedia, Sofia Blanno @ Shop Best Dressed, Ryan Depontbriand, and Kelly Dreier.

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