May 21, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Garment software helps shoppers find best fit

There are a lot of software programs available to assist those in the garment industry. There is Product Lifecycle Management software, supply chain software, POS software, reverse logistics software, shopper analytics software, and so on. These programs perform a myriad of tasks and are great at their respective function, but when it comes to increasing workflow efficiency and helping shoppers get their best fit, there is only one garment software that accomplishes both and that is Tailored Capture.

If you aren’t familiar, Tailored is a fashion technology company founded in 2016 that set out to give online shoppers the confidence they were making the right clothing purchase the first time. Tailored’s now patented Capture software does this in a way that is different and more effective than all companies in the fit-technology space. You see, the companies in this space not named Tailored are focused on body measurements for their solutions, and the problem with body measurements is they can’t tell you what someones clothing fit-preference is. For example, imagine you and your friend have the same exact body dimensions, but you might like your jeans tapered with a skinny fit, and your friend might like their jeans straight with a loose fit. This is something body measurements won’t tell you.

As consumers continue to shift their buying from the high streets to the internet, fashion retailers are perpetually seeking solutions to improve consumer confidence and reduce returns, which seem to be a byproduct of low confidence and not being able to try garments on before purchasing. Noticing this trend, Tailored developed Capture to provide the ultimate confidence by looking at what people are comfortable with, which is the clothes they already wear. Capture requires users to simply take one photo of their best fitting garment, its dimensions are recorded and thus are able to instantly tell a retailer that customers fit-preference.

The trick with garment-measuring software is teaching it to recognize all shapes and types of garment. Tailored began by training Capture to measure the garment most difficult to find online by fit-preference, and that is pants and shorts. Capture has recently added the ability to measure any kind of shirt. So for those who have once said “I wish I would have bought 5 pairs of these jeans because they fit so well,” now there is a software to help you do that.