February 7, 2020 Dave Desmarais

How to: Measure a shirt with your phone

What’s the benefit of knowing the measurements of your favorite shirt or trousers? When buying something new online of course.

The biggest challenge when buying clothes online is knowing if the garment you selected will fit. Many people opt not buy online because there are too many unknowns and, though most retailers make it easy, it’s still a hassle to make a return if the garment doesn’t fit how you’d like. That being said, retailers are getting innovative.

Many retailers have begun publishing the actual measurements of their clothing on each products page. This is extremely helpful but only if you have something to compare those measurements to. So if you’re shopping for a new dress-shirt or blouse, grab your favorite one out of your closet and perform a simple measurement comparison. Comparing one garment to another is the best way to make sure you get the fit you want, the problem with measuring clothing by hand is it takes effort and you probably don’t have a garment measure-tape. We at Tailored developed a software to make comparing one garment to another as simple as taking a photo.

Tailored’s garment measuring tool measures clothing the same way a human does but without the effort. Simply place your shirt on a flat surface, fold arms up and away (this allows for an accurate bust measurement), open the Tailored web-app and snap a photo. Tailored instantly measures the areas on your shirt which are important to fit. This means not only the bust, but overall length, waist, shoulder width, armhole diameter, and more.

Tailored is currently working with online retailers around the globe to make automated garment measuring technology accessible to consumers. Soon the ability to quickly and easily compare the fit of a new garment to something you already own and love will be a reality, leaving no more guesswork when buying clothing online.