December 20, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Made-to-measure software for apparel

In this article we’ll discuss Tailored’s automated garment measuring technology and how made-to-measure businesses can thrive with it. (Learn more about our measuring software here).

When it comes to apparel, there are three kinds available to consumers: 1. Ready-to-wear 2. Bespoke 3. Made-to-measure. Ready-to-wear clothing is what 99% of us buy and wear year round, it’s the mass produced stuff sold in stores and online. Bespoke clothing is the opposite of ready-to-wear in that the garment’s assembly and fit are 100% customized to the buyer. Made-to-measure clothing exists somewhere in the middle and includes features of both ready-to-wear and bespoke.

Fit is Different with Made-to-Measure

If you’re in the made-to-measure business, you understand there is no made-to-measure software available to make your customer’s experience easier. You also understand the main advantage a made-to-measure garment has over a ready-to-wear is a better fit. Fit is a preference, not a science. There is no standard for how an individual likes their clothes to fit. Two people with the same body measurements might prefer their shirts to fit differently; one could prefer loose fitting and the other might prefer a tighter, against the skin feel. Herein lies the issue with ready-to-wear clothing and the industry’s sizing system.

Made To Measure Software

Tailored is a patented software that measures clothing by photo. A single photo will capture the complete critical measurements of a garment. The clothing in our closets is the greatest indicator of our preferred garment fit. So why do so many firms rely on body measurements? My best guess is over the years we’ve been programmed to think body measurements are the answer and most importantly there hasn’t been tech available to capture clothing dimensions easily.

Body measurements are great at “yes” and “no”, what absolutely will or won’t fit me, but they won’t tell you how I like my clothes to fit. For example if my waist measures 32 inches, I will probably fit into a 32 or 34 inch pant, but I won’t fit into a 28 or 40.

Online Traffic

If a portion of your business comes from online sales, you understand the struggle in getting a customer to visit the Tailor to have themselves measured. You also understand sending them a variety of shirt blanks to try on and send back is costly and time consuming. Made-to-measure software in existance today aids in the creation of garments, not in making it simpler for customers to interact with you. Tailored improves the customer experience, our web app lets your customers photo-measure their best fitting garment from the comfort of their home with a single photo. You instantly receive the measurement data and can then make the appropriate shirt or pant selection based on a measurement comparison.

If you’d like more information on how Tailored can help your business, please contact us here.