August 10, 2018 Dave Desmarais

Our New Domain Name – The Tailored Company

When co-founding a startup, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made early on, at a time when you may not be crystal clear on where your company is headed. Before you even start thinking about what your product might look like or how much you’re going to charge for it, you’ll need to make decisions on things like what you’re going to name your company, should you trademark the name, what will your color scheme be, what business structure will you operate under, etc… Often times the decisions you make early on will need to be reassessed and changed. It’s been well documented by us that Tailored is fluid and has engaged in a couple pivots since inception, one adjustment we made recently was to change our web domain from the Tailored App to The Tailored Company.

Having a company name that is a common word, such as Tailored, means it will be extra difficult (especially in the early 2010’s) obtaining a web domain as just We took various steps to reach the company who happens to own about purchasing the domain from them. We never heard back thus we needed to go a different route.

At the time (2016) we knew the launch of the Tailored mobile app was approaching, so it was fitting to have as our primary web domain. Then in late 2017 we made the decision to shift away from our consumer facing app to focus primarily on our photo-garment-measuring technology. At that point the Tailored App domain name did not fit our brand anymore and we did not want new and current partners knowing us as that.

Knowing a change was needed, the Tailoed partners came together and after a few hours of discussion, The Tailored Company was chosen as the new name of our online presence ( for short). We are happy with the new domain and feel it is a better fit for our culture and overall brand.


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