June 21, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Tailored Capture Web SDK

When Tailored’s technology was first conceived, it was thought up as a standalone mobile app. Native mobile apps are great because they allow for high levels of customization and provide a better user experience than the web, but they also have high barriers to adoption and must be developed and tested for all OS’s and mobile devices. Our goal is to provide the best user experience while also being easily accessible, so why limit ourselves to just mobile apps?

Last year we began exploring the idea of producing a version of our measuring software as a web app. This made sense to us because all apparel retailers are focusing their attention on creating/maintaining great customer experiences through the web. A web SDK could allow our retail partners to easily integrate Tailored into their websites and customize the experience to their liking. The best part of this is for the shopper, as it would eliminate the need to download an app.

Tailored garment measuring software

Continuous improvements in cell phone camera technology, processor speed, internet connectivity speed, and pushing the limits of HTML allowed us to build Version 1.0 of the Tailored Capture web SDK. Now, with a few lines of code web teams are able to place Tailored directly into their product pages for a seamless customer experience. This version also introduces a level-meter, which you can see in upper left corner in the image above. This meter does not allow a photo to be taken at an angle, thus forcing the user to stand directly over their garment the taking a photo, resulting in zero perspective and the highest level of accuracy.

We live in a world dominated by mobile and Tailored’s focus is deeply rooted here. Though web is great, there are places where native mobile apps prove superior. Once instance is Tailored’s other business segment, Capture for technical designers and quality assurance teams, coming soon.