Meet the minds behind Tailored

Dave Desmarais


“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” -Mark Twain

Dave co-founded Tailored to make it easier to find pants that fit. Standing five foot five inches tall, a tailor was always his first call after purchasing a new pair.

As Tailored’s first full time employee he was responsible for growing the company from idea to reality. Building quality relationships was a top priority early on and to this day he makes sure it remains a focus with all their brand partners.

Dave values celebrating the small successes in life and in business. He believes success is achieving any goal one sets for him or herself, no matter how small. Even something as simple as finding a great fitting pair of jeans.

Dave enjoys all outdoor activities and is an avid gym goer. He resides in Naples, Florida with his wife Kristy and dog Yogi.

Jeff Collins


Jeff joined Tailored in 2018. He believed Tailored’s unique software would reshape the way people buy and sell apparel online. He takes pride in offering a solution that helps online shoppers find their best fit the very first time.

As COO, Jeff brings over 20 years of sales /marketing and management experience. He believes effective communication and relationship building are the keys to Tailored’s success.

When he’s not busy disrupting the fashion technology world you will find Jeff with a golf club in hand, relaxing with his family or casting a line into the Gulf of Mexico.

Kristy Desmarais


Kristy is a Florida native who strives for the best. At a young age she dreamed of running her own company and jumped at the opportunity when her vision for Tailored struck.

Tailored is the result of a bad shopping experience mixed with endless months of research, planning and development. For Tailored, Kristy believed in taking the path less traveled. Seeing a growing number of companies in the fashion technology space working towards body-measurement solutions, Kristy realized the opportunity for Tailored was real.

Kristy’s passions are her family, yoga, and having fun in the sun.