May 22, 2018 Jeff Collins

Technology in Fashion

For clothing/fashion companies around the world, deciding which new technology will make the biggest impact on your business can be a challenge. Tech companies promise to deliver the transformative solutions you’ve been missing. The hard part is deciding what to adopt and what to let pass by.  To do this, you must identify which companies are developing the technology that will make the biggest impact.

One company focused on making that impact is Tailored.  Tailored has developed a photo recognition, garment measuring software that will capture the measurements of a garment simply by taking a photograph.  They feel that their technology will replace much of the current hand-measuring standard that has been in practice for 100 years. This technology will aid manufacturing and quality assurance teams by providing a solution that is more effective, accurate and much less time-consuming than the current method. Imagine if your staff could perform tasks in a couple of seconds that currently take several minutes.

Tailored will also provide a solution to the brand’s online customer.  Tailored is betting that every online shopper has at least one article of clothing they consider to be a perfect fit.  What if you could take a picture of that perfect fitting item, upload it to the website and instantly be connected to new items that are a dimensional size match?  This will enable the customer to sort the online catalog hassle free.  Plus, it lets the customer know they are purchasing the correct garment the first time they place an order…no matter what number or letter is listed on the tag.

It is easy to for a customer to shop for clothing online, however, it is difficult to locate the size that fits the way they like. At Tailored, we are focused on delivering a useful tool to enhance the customer’s online shopping experience.   We know that the customer will have a more personalized shopping experience if they are finding perfect fitting clothing using  Tailored’s technology instead of ordering three sizes of the same garment, hoping that one fits and sending back the others.

Which brings me to my next item…RETURNS!  Worldwide, returns cost retailers $60 Billion annually.  Customers can order something online and if it doesn’t fit send it back for free.  The shipping costs are passed along to the organization.  If your customer purchased clothing at your online store using Tailored’s software, they are far less likely to return that item due to a fit issue. Customers can be sure they receive the item that fits the way they want it to the very first time they place the order.

Tailored created this software to make life easier for your organization and to provide a great online shopping experience to those who love to shop at your online store.