May 23, 2019 Jeff Collins

Well-fitting clothes boost confidence

I think it’s safe to say that most people have at least one item in their closets they consider their “go-to.” This item is often their favorite color, made of the highest quality fabric and matches their style to a T.  While these are certainly valid reasons to like an article of clothing, the most important factor to consider is how the garment FITS.  The garment may check most of the important boxes, but if it’ not well-fitting, the other stuff doesn’t matter.

My career requires me to do a lot of in-person presentations and interact with large groups of people regularly. When I wear clothing that fits well, I feel more comfortable and I exude a higher level of confidence.  Conversely, it’s very uncomfortable to be donning a shirt that’s so tight the buttons are about to burst or so loose that you are constantly pulling it back into position every time you make the slightest move.

When I look through my closet and consider what I’m going to wear for one of these events, I constantly pull out one particular pair of pants that fit me perfectly.  Then, I inevitably wonder “how I can find more pants that fit exactly like these do?” Since I don’t have a lot of time or patience to hit the mall, I mostly shop online and cannot wait for Tailored’s garment measuring software to be released.  With Tailored’s patented software, an online shopper can instantly capture the measurements of a well-fitting garment they already own simply by snapping a photo.  These measurements will be used to recommended a new garment that is a dimensional size match.

Tailored is the only solution that allows online shoppers to use the well-fitting items in their closets to shop for the best fitting new clothing.  Once you know you have your best fit, you can tackle the day with total confidence.