December 31, 2020 Dave Desmarais

A Measuring App for Clothes and How it Helps eCommerce Retailers

measurement app for clothes

Automating manual tasks is not a new concept. The earliest examples of automation appear more than 2,000 years ago when the Chinese developed trip-hammers powered by flowing water and water wheels. They used these mechanized creations in mining to crush metal ore and in agriculture to polish grain. We’re lucky to exist in a time when we do not need flowing water to create automation technology. Today we have electricity, the internet and artificial intelligence. In the fashion industry, measuring clothing by hand is one of many areas in the supply chain that could use an automation injection. Capture is a new measuring app for clothes and it’s taking much of the stress out of eCommerce operations for apparel retailers.

measuring app for clothes helps ecommerce retailers

Introduction to Handsfree Garment Measuring

2020 saw a huge decline in in-store shopping for obvious reasons. This is a sad fact we don’t see taking a measurable about-face once the pandemic is no longer a threat. So let’s imagine a few years into the future. Brick and mortar shops continue to disappear. People are doing more clothes shopping online because it’s easy and convenient. Although with this convenience comes a trade off, no longer are individuals able to try on clothes before they buy.

This is where a measuring app for clothes adds major value. It acts as an effective fitting tool for those shopping from home.

measurement app for clothesIn the absence of fitting rooms and physical stores, one of the best ways to learn how people like clothes to fit is by looking at what they already wear. We’re not referring to checking the tag-size because garment sizing is somewhat arbitrary. Additionally, sizing can be even more confusing when dealing in vintage. What we’re referring to is the physical measurements of clothing people already own.

digital clothes measuring appIf you’re a tailor or fashion retailer you already have this understanding. Additionally, the measurements of ones clothes are the best indicator of fit preference, not body measurements. But who has time to measure their clothes? Not many know the correct way to measure either, or would take time to learn. Tailored’s Capture technology is a simple web app that measures clothes when a user takes a single photo of a garment laid flat.

Instantly Measure the Bust of a Favorite Blouse

Measuring clothing by hand is more art than science. Three people can measure the same location on the same garment and easily arrive at three different measurements. This is one of the reasons the industry allows tolerance during design and production. There truly is no right answer to a given measurement. Although what if you’re not manufacturing clothing but need to measure clothing quickly? For retail businesses this can mean getting clothing online quicker (which we discuss in another post here). For consumers, more and more clothes shopping is being done online and knowing the measurements of a best fitting garment provides many benefits.

Instant garment measuringBoth women and men are exposed to the same issues with online clothes shopping. The main challenge being selecting the right garment with the right sizing and fit. Doing a measurement comparison is a great way to confirm a garment online with fit similar to a garment already owned. The Capture technology is simple to use and practical. It doesn’t require users to take photos of themselves wearing skin tight clothing as many body measurement apps do.

To begin, users select a well fitting blouse or shirt from their closet and place it on a flat surface. Next they open the Capture web app from the retail site they’re shopping on and follow the instructions. After they take the photo of their garment, the Capture system will perform a dimensional comparison between their garment and the one being viewed online. Depending on the retailer, consumers will either make a size determination themselves or will have the best size recommended to them.

A Measuring App that Measures the Waist of Your Favorite Pants

The waist measurement on a pair of pants, shorts or a skirt is quite possibly the most important measurement. One can argue which others are next in line. Is the hip measurement? The inseam? How about the rise? The truth is they’re all important with regard to fit. Though gaining a quick understanding of the fit of a garment before purchase can be difficult in the absence of data. In addition to this, the data consumers are privy to has changed over time.

made to measure garment measuring appIn the mid 1900’s the numbered sizes on a garment tag were directly related to the measurement of the waist. This was done for obvious reasons. Today this is not the case, hence the reason taking the waist measurement for ones self can be important. A garment marked 27 could easily measure 29 or 30 inches in the waist. This is the tactic known by apparel retailers as vanity sizing.

To measure a garment from home, simply place a well fitting pair of pants on the floor and snap a photo. Capture is an easy way for online shoppers to sort a product catalog by fit or get assistance in choosing a size.

Digitally measure overall length of dress


Measure the Overall Length of a Dress

How many times have you had a customer return an order because the dress was either too long or too short? Desired dress length is a preference, not a standard that can be applied to women of similar height. As shown in the image on this page, Capture will measure multiple locations on a dress to help consumers locate their preferred fit. All of this done with the intention of helping retailers improve conversion rates while reducing returns.

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