July 28, 2020 Dave Desmarais

An App for Clothing Measurements

If you’ve ever looked for a replacement for manual clothes measuring, Tailored has created it. Capture is an app for clothing measurements created bu Tailored. Capture is available as a web app for apparel retailers and brands to incorporate into their online stores and back office. If you perform measurements by hand, there’s a good chance Capture can replace some if not all of those tasks.

How Automated Garment Measuring Works?

Capture analyzes pictures of laid-flat clothing and calculates measurements. It’s designed to capture the critical measurements of a garment – the ones most important with relation to fit and quality of construction. Tailored has devised specific garment layouts to achieve the most measurements through a single photo, as shown in the example below:

an app for clothing measurements

Our algorithms analyze the garment in the image and instantly transmit measurement data back to the user.

How Does Capture Achieve Accuracy?

As is also the case with manual measuring, accuracy is paramount in an app for clothing measurements. Capture was designed with this in mind, as well as accounting for human error. Accurate measurements are based on an object of known reference appearing in the photo. For example, a photo of a pair of pants with a dollar bill placed next to them would elicit accurate measurements. This because a dollar bill is a known dimension of standard size.

How Easy Is It To Integrate?

Capture can be integrated into most online stores through our API. Given that Capture is a web-app, there is no requirement to download an app. Simply plug the Capture URL into the browser on your phone and you’re ready to photo-measure.

Alternatively, Capture will also assist in the back office. Our platform comes standard access for tracking garment photos and measurement data. This data can be easily exported through various formats. Capture can also link directly to your PLM or other systems through our API.

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