June 5, 2015 Dave Desmarais

Capture, The App That Measures Clothes

Tailored is the app that measures clothes

Whether you work in the apparel industry or you’re just out shopping for clothes, there will be times when you’ll want to know the measurements of a garment. The act of measuring clothing is time consuming and laborious. You certainly understand this if you’re employed by the fashion industry. Additionally, it’s almost impossible that two humans will measure the same garment in the same manner. Like when performing quality assurance tasks, how can one be sure person A measured the same exact hip location as person B? Consumer also might like to know the measurements of their own slacks so they can find a similar fitting pair. Tailored created a web-tool that measures clothes to simplify life for retailers and consumers.

an app that measures clothesHow Automated Clothes Measuring Works

There are a litany of measurements needed when a brand designs a garment. Bust, shoulder width, armhole length, and neck drop are just a few considered when creating a shirt. If you shop online you’ve noticed size charts generally lack usable information. Why aren’t the real measurements of a garment displayed? The reason is simple. Most garments vary by dimension even within the same product line. I’ll also refer to my comment above about manual measuring being time consuming.

Instant garment measuring(learn more about handsfree measuring)

Our software, called Capture, was designed to make it easier to buy and sell apparel online. Capture measures garments the same way a human does, but does the entire garment at once. Automation is key to reducing manual human tasks across all industries, Capture is doing it for fashion.

Simply take the garment you’d like to measure and lay it on a flat surface. Then pull out your mobile device and snap a photo. Our algorithms instantly measure and report the measurements back to you. Capture allows teams to measure a garment in less than 20 seconds, compared with the human standard of around 4 minutes.

Clothes measurement dataHow Instant Garment Measuring Helps Fashion Brands

Capture is a solution for various channels within the apparel industry. Today Capture is offered to companies engaging in traditional online apparel sales, resale, monthly subscription, rental and made to measure. Future uses for Capture will be directed towards the supply chain, such as for quality assurance and sample reviews.

For eCommerce, Capture expands on the idea that most of us have a well-fitting item hanging in our closet. This is viewed as the best predictor of an individual’s fit preference.

Web Apps Are Simple to Adopt

Capture is a web app that operates in the cloud, meaning there are no apps to download. A link to the software in your web browser is all it takes. Capture easily integrates into any business channel with minimal modification. Setup is simple, it’s easy to learn, and there are offerings for all budgets.

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