March 11, 2020 Jeff Collins

Automated garment measuring and returns

Garment manufacturers around the globe are determined to find a more sustainable way forward.  E-tailors are especially focused on apparel returns.  Most clothing purchases made online can be returned free of charge, no questions asked.  Many online garment shoppers haven’t thought about the environmental impact of ordering multiple sizes of a garment and then making a return.  They are only concerned about finding their best fit…which, quite frankly,  is understandable.   Tailored’s automated garment measuring will help solve the massive garment return issue by helping consumers find their best fit while shopping online.

What happens to returned garments?

The majority of consumers believe apparel returns go directly back on the shelf to be sold to the next person.  In reality, most of these items cannot be resold as new and many are just discarded.  According to a quote in an article by Remake…”Globally, 80% of discarded textiles are doomed for the landfill or are incinerated.  Only 20% are actually reused or recycled.”  This is a sobering reality that needs to be considered when ordering garments online.

What can we do?

As consumers, we need to change the way we shop for clothing online.  We should look for higher quality clothing that is going to last longer.  We should also limit the number of items that we purchase, wear a few times and throw away.  At Tailored, our automated garment measuring software will have a positive impact by reducing the amount of returns because the garment fits poorly.   This patented software will help the consumer find the correct fit, which can be very difficult to do.  Consumers have even been known to order the size above and the size below their perceived size and just return the ones that don’t fit.  There is a better way.

Tailored automated garment measuring

Let’s say you are shopping online.   Once you have found a garment that suits you, you will be prompted to choose the best size. Tailored’s Capture, automated garment-measuring software will allow you to automatically measure the best fitting garments you currently own. All you have to do is snap a photo using your mobile device.  Once your best fitting garments have gone through the automated garment measuring process, you will receive the measurements.  You can then use these measurements to find your best size.  This will allow you to choose the best fit the first time you purchase a clothing item and eliminate the need to make a return.