The New Way To Measure

If you’re a fashion reseller, we understand the pains of measuring. With Capture you no longer need to measure garments by hand! Snap one photo, task complete.

A Single Photo

Clothing measurements are super important for online selling, but it takes time to measure. With Capture you can instantly measure an entire garment by snapping a single photo with your mobile device.

Monthly Plans Start At $7

Upload To Listings

Save measurement data in JPG or PDF format, allowing you to easily upload to online listings.

Access From Any Device

With Capture there are no apps to download. It’s a simple web tool you can access from the browser on your iOS or Android device.

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Garments Types Supported

Capture will recognize most styles of shirt, sweater, jacket, shorts and pants.

Save Measurements To Your Device

Save garment measurements and uniquely labeled images to your device in JPG or PDF format, allowing for easy upload to any online resale platform.

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