We Understand Resale

Whether you’re an individual selling on eBay or Poshmark or you’re a global retailer, we understand the pains of clothing resale. We created Capture to make it quicker and easier to list items for sale online by eliminating some of the manual tasks.

Let Capture Measure For You

Clothing measurements are super important for online selling. They help your customers understand how an item will fit, but they take a lot of time. With Capture, you can instantly measure a garment and save the data in an easy to use format.

Access From Any Device

With Capture there are no apps to download. It’s a simple web tool you can access from the browser on any mobile device.

Here's What Some Customers Had To Say

Garment Types

Capture is an artificial intelligence that will recognize most styles of shirt, sweater, jacket, shorts and pants.

Download Images and Measurements

Save our uniquely labeled images to your device for easy upload to any resale platform.

Something New Is Coming

We’re launching a new way to access and subscribe to Capture. Join the wait list and be the first to know when it becomes available!