List Faster

Reduce mundane, manual tasks with Capture.

We Understand Resale

Whether you’re an individual clothing reseller or a global secondhand retailer, we understand your pains. There are many steps involved in listing clothing for sale online, Capture takes some of the pain away.

31% more product listed daily.

Instant Measuring

With Capture’s automated measuring, you’ll get through each listing faster. By reducing touch points we’re helping resellers improve efficiency and eliminate errors.

Garment Types

The Capture garment measuring system recognizes most styles of shirt, sweater, jacket, shorts and pants.

Less Time On Mundane Tasks

With one photo Capture instantly extracts garment measurements and sends the data to your listing. Our partners experience time savings of up to 11 hours per team member per week.

Why Measurements Are Important

When it comes to secondhand and vintage apparel, tag sizes can be completely different than today’s sizing. Measurements help your shoppers understand exactly how garments will fit.

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