January 7, 2016 Dave Desmarais

A Clothes Fitting App That Learns From Your Current Wardrobe

Tailored's Clothes Fitting App

When it comes to apparel, a good fit is unique to everyone. It’s a personal preference and is quite difficult for someone or something else to decipher. Though retailers continue to search for technology to do exactly that. They’re looking for a better way to learn online customer’s fit preference so they can provide more effective clothing recommendations. Capture is a clothes fitting app with that takes a unique approach.

What’s a Clothes Fitting App?

A clothes fitting app can entail any mobile or web technology that provides online shoppers with a size or style suggestion. These can be virtual fitting rooms, body scanners or body measurement questionnaires.

how to measure clothes for mercari

Capture is an app developed by Tailored that applies a unique approach to tackle this problem. It looks away from body measurements and questionnaires and steers towards the apparel you already own. Tailored is a company founded on the idea the best indicator of fit preference is currently owned clothing. Besides, if you’ve purchased the item it must fit how you prefer.

How Tailored’s Clothes Fitting App Works

Capture is a patented AI that gathers the fit characteristics of a garment in a digital photo. Specifically, Capture will measure your favorite garments so you can find something new with a similar fit.

Capture does this with the simplicity of taking a photo with your mobile device. As shown in the image above, place a garment on the floor and snap a photo. Capture’s technology instantly measures the important fit areas and uses the data to locate similarly fitting garments.

Clothes fitting app

Capture is a web technology available to retailers as a tool for consumers. Install a few lines of code and shoppers can snap photos of their clothes to sort your entire product catalog. Increase consumer confidence. Reduce returns. Increase online conversions. Now for the first time online customers will be able to easily share garment measurement data, helping retailers better understand fit preference.

For more information on Tailored Capture and how we’re helping the fashion industry, check out our article What is Tailored.

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