June 19, 2023 Dave Desmarais

Collect Garment Measurements From Customers Using Photos

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Do you run a fashion business that requires you to collect garment measurements from customers? Whether you make custom clothing, have a tailoring business, or assist customers in choosing their best size online, you’ve come to the right place. Tailored is a technology company that built an application to eliminate manual clothes measuring. Here we’ll discuss Tailored’s instant garment measuring app, Capture. We’ll discuss how easy it is to use and how you can integrate it into your website. In turn, enabling your customers to easily share the measurements of their best fitting garments with you.

What Businesses Need A Garment Measuring App?

Tailored created Capture to eliminate the task of manually measuring clothing. Capture was first launched in January 2022 to enable fashion resellers to improve speed and reduce manual tasks when listing garments for sale online. In the future, Capture will be used used by consumers to help them shop online and enable retailers to reduce returns. Though for the purposes of this article, Capture can be applied to the following businesses;

  • Made to measure
  • Tailoring
  • Online fitting

The three business types mentioned above either require or can benefit greatly from knowing the physical dimensions of the clothing their customers wear. Only two methods presently exist for gathering these measurements, until now.

How Does A Garment Measuring App Work

First and foremost, using Capture is simple. All it takes is one photo and Capture will grab the critical measurements of a garment. Simply place a garment flat on the floor or a table and snap a photo with a mobile device. Instantly, Capture will provide a set of measurements back to the user.

Check out our resource page for more explainer videos. digital clothes measuring app

Capture is web based

One unique characteristic of Capture is that it is web based. Meaning it’s not a native app that requires it to be downloaded from an app store. If a customer wants to use Capture, we simply send a link to their phone and the Capture app opens in their web browser.

What measurements does Capture collect?

With all three above mentioned business types, knowing the critical measurements of a garment is key. Traditionally speaking, critical measurements are associated with the measurements of a garment most important to fit. For trousers, the critical measurements are the waist, hip or seat, inseam, front rise, thigh and sometimes leg opening.

Capture is customizable, but out of the box it will collect the critical measurements of both tops and bottoms.Clothes measuring app

How To Collect Customer Measurements With Capture

Before Capture, if you wanted to collect garment measurements from customers, you’d need to invite them into your store. They’d bring their best fitting garment and you’d proceed to manually take the measurements of said garment. Either that or you’d ask the customer to do it themselves from home and send the measurements to you.

measurement app for clothes

There are problems with both these methods. The first is logistics. If your business isn’t physically located near your customer, they won’t be able to be measured by you. Additionally, requiring a person to take their own garment measurements introduces a whole other set of problems.

Integrate Capture with your online store

The first step in allowing Capture to be utilized by your customers to share garment measurements with you is to subscribe to a plan. Plans start at $49 per month and come with the full suite of features.

You’ll get a link

After you subscribe, you’ll receive a welcome email that contains a private link. This link should be added to a button on your web page. This button will be how your customers access the Capture web app.

Upon clicking the button, your customers will be prompted to enter their mobile number to receive a text link to Capture. From there, they’ll be instructed on how to layout their garment and take their photo.

After taking their photo, the garment image and its measurements are instantly available on your web portal for review. You can even edit the measurement location if it appears Capture didn’t perfect the measuring.

What does my Capture subscription come with?

With your subscription you’ll have access to a web portal which will allow you to view the shared data your customers submit:

  • email
  • garment photo
  • garment measurements
  • name

collect garment measurements from customers with photos

You’ll be able to use the above information to enhance your business in a myriad of ways. Primarily, for the first time you’ll be able to use technology to better understand your customer’s fit preference.

Why Garment Measurements and Not Body Measurements?

A prominent British custom clothier once told us the best way to learn a customer’s fit preference is to measure a garment they already own. We also believe this to be 100% true.

Fit preference is subjective and is completely based on the individual. When asking two people with the same body dimensions who they prefer their shirts to fit, one might say “loose and longer” and the other might say “tapered and shorter.” Those are facts body measurements won’t tell you about a person.

The one thing that can tell you how a person prefers their clothes to fit is the clothing in their closet.

How Much Does Capture Cost?

As of the writing of this article (June 2023), Capture web-integration subscription will cost $49 per month. It will allow fashion businesses to collect measurements for up to 10,000 customers each month.

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