January 13, 2021 Dave Desmarais

Digital Clothes Measuring Tools – Add Efficiency to Your Process

handsfree Clothes Measuring Tools Add Efficiency To Your Process

Automation tools are making their way into the world of fashion. Robotic stitching machines and AI enabled laser marking systems are a couple examples. Compared with other consumer industries, the apparel industry has been slow to adopt automation technologies. Though this is finally starting to change. Innovation comes when we get the desire to replace mundane, manual tasks with technology. If any part of your business requires measuring clothing, read on. Here we look at a handful of digital clothes measuring tools helping businesses and their teams improve workflow efficiency.

4 Digital Clothes Measuring Tools To Check Out

VAV Technology, MySize, Fujitsu and Tailored all offer digital measuring tools geared towards the apparel industry. We use the phrase digital measuring tools because you’ll notice most of their offerings don’t resemble the measuring tape you’re used to.

digital clothes measuring tools for fashionMeasuring clothes can be frustrating, and unlike many objects, clothing is non-rigid. This adds a layer of complexity to the process. Along with additional time.

All of the following digital clothes measuring tools have been developed with the goal of removing much of this frustration and complexity. Perhaps one of these tools can add value to your business.

Capture – A Complete Garment Measuring Solution

When it comes to complete garment measuring tools, there is only one. Capture by Tailored was originally developed to help online consumers. Though the company quickly realized automated measuring would aid many other areas of fashion.

Capture garment measuring app

By taking a single photo of a garment with a mobile device, Capture instantly analyzes the garment in the photo and provides a full list of its measurements. Users have access to an online portal where they can view all the garments they’ve photographed and their measurements. Capture even allows users to make edits to measurements if needed.

When it comes to digital clothes measuring tools, Capture is the only one that can measure an entire garment with the push of a button. It uses computer vision and machine learning to extract measurement data through images of clothing. The company has developed specific garment layouts that allow users to obtain accurate measurements.

how to measure clothes for mercari

Capture is currently in market and will measure most tops and bottoms. Pricing plans start at just $15 per month for 100 garments measured. Click here to try it free for 14 days.


MySizeID is the first of three products to come out of a Turkish company by a similar name (MySize). MySize’s apparel measuring solution came out of the frustration most of us feel when shopping online. There is no guarantee we will enjoy the fit of a garment we purchase because we’re unable to try it on. Though similar to Tailored, this is not where their solution stopped.

MySizeID Digital Clothes Measuring Tool

With MySizeID users can perform two functions (see their product video here). The first is of course measuring a garment digitally. Users must place the garment on a flat surface and select the measure feature from the MySizeID mobile app (available for both iOS and Android).

Users place their mobile device at one end of the garment to begin the measurement. They lock in the position by pressing a button in the app. The user then moves the phone to the other end of the measurement and locks in that position in the app. This process records the full measurement.

MySizeID can also be used for individuals to measure their body. The process works in the same way and will inform the user of their ideal clothing size.

Blue Eye 2

VAV Technology is a German based technology company with a neat system for measuring garments without a traditional tape measure. As seen in the photo at left, the Blue Eye 2 system requires a special station equipped with lasers, foot pedals, and a computer screen. To perform measurements, the user is also required to wear specially designed pointers that attach to the tips of their  index fingers (check out their latest product video here).

VAV Technology Digital Denim Measuring Tool

The Blue Eye 2 system is capable of extreme accuracy. As the user moves the garment into position and places their finger tips on the measurement area, the system instantly records the distances.

Unfortunately the Blue Eye 2 system is the priciest on this list and sadly has some drawbacks. The first of which is the system only applies to denim. The second drawback of the system is it does not deal in all measurements required in measuring a pair jeans. That being said, VAV Technology offers other AI systems unique to the denim industry. Some of them even focus on sustainability, which we all know is much needed. Here is a link to their website.

Fujitsu Smart Tape

In 2019 the Japanese corporation Fujitsu began selling a digital measuring tape specifically aimed at the apparel industry. It’s the one item on this list that actually resembles a tape measure!

Fujitsu digital measuring tapeThe tape connects to a bluetooth enabled PC through Fujitsu’s dedicated companion app. When a user takes a measurement, they depress a button on the measure tape and the result is instantly transferred to the companion on the PC.

Fujitsu claims their digital tape can perform measurements accurate to within 5mm. Of course as in with all clothing measuring, the system is only as accurate as the human performing the tasks.

Fujitsu has mentioned they will be launching a dedicated mobile app in addition to the PC version.

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