Commonly Asked Questions

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  • What garment types can I measure?
    All types of pants, shorts and most tops.
  • Is there a demo version I can try?
    Yes. Click here to set up your free 14 day trial.
  • What devices does Capture work with?
    Capture is a web app, meaning it will work with any iOS or Android phone.
  • How does Capture achieve accuracy?
    A reference card is required to be in each photo. It's printable and is the size of a business card.
  • Can I edit measurements if they don't look right?
    Yes. Our web tool allows you to edit measure locations after a photo is taken.
  • Can I save labeled images to my phone?
    Yes. Save images directly to your phone as a JPG, PDF or CSV.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    No. The only items you need are a mobile device and our reference card.
  • Can I let my customers use Capture from my website?
    Yes. Our simple web integration allows us to white label Capture directly to your product page.
  • Can I adjust Capture's Points of Measure?
    Yes. This is an additional service we offer and if you need to change POM's we will work with you to make it happen.