February 28, 2020 Jeff Collins

Garment measuring automation

The process of manufacturing garments has seen many advancements throughout the years.  Automating tasks that were once performed exclusively by humans has lead to increases in efficiency and ultimately decreases in costs.  I’d be willing to bet some people don’t know that garments are still hand-measured by workers using a measure tape at various points during the garment manufacturing process.   Take quality assurance for example.  Employees are required to measure a certain percentage of all garments that are produced to ensure the garments meet the sizing specifications set forth. This is a very time consuming, monotonous endeavor.

This is about to change. Tailored is finally bringing a bit of automation to garment measuring.  Garment measuring automation will allow quality assurance work to become about 70% more efficient.

Tailored’s patented, machine learning software allows a user to instantly capture the critical measurements of garments simply by taking a photo either using a mobile device, web-cam or even a regular DSLR camera.  These measurements are then automatically saved and stored without lifting a finger.

At this time, we at Tailored are focused on the manufacturing/supply chain side of the business, but the software actually has two applications:

First (which we mentioned above) is to automate the hand-measuring that occurs during technical design, garment sampling and quality assurance, effectively reducing the amount of time it takes to perform measurement tasks and potentially allowing you to re-purpose staff accordingly.

The second part was designed with the online clothing consumer in mind.  The E-commerce platform allows consumers to photo measure well-fitting garments they own and compares that measurement data to new items that retailers sell online. We believe this apples to apples comparison will give the consumer the confidence to make a purchase and know for sure that when it arrives, it will be the correct size.  It is our belief that retailers will see a reduction in returns due to incorrect size when their customer uses the garment measuring automation software.