September 1, 2020 Dave Desmarais

How To Help Customers Choose Their Size and Reduce Returns

Online shopping continues to evolve. Consumers seek online experiences personalized to them. Clothes shopping is one arena where innovation is constant because retailers need to improve consumer confidence. If you’re looking improve your online experience, start with ways to help your customers choose their size. Consider the following methods to aid shoppers before they add to cart.

Use Product-Specific Size Guides

The days of generic size guides are nearing an end. Consumers know sizing varies between brands, and have caught on to the fact sizing can vary within the same brand. Vanity sizing has made the process of choosing a size even more difficult. Therefore providing shoppers with a generic size chart is not only frustrating for the consumer, but you will miss out on sales. Providing detailed measurements for each garment not only proves you’re confident in the product you offer but allows consumers to make a more informed buying decision.

Size Models – They’re Just Okay

The main factors people use to determine a clothing purchase are fit and how it looks. Using a fashion model to display the clothing you sell is somewhat helpful, but mainly to the crowd concerned with looks. Fit is hard to determine by looking at clothing on someone else. Not to mention fashion models are rarely the size and shape of us regular folk.

How to help customers choose their size

Questionnaire style

Questionnaires seem to be the primary tool used in the fight for how to help customers choose their size. Fit is truly personal, thus learning a customers fit preference early is paramount for retailers. There are a handful of plugins which can be added to your product page to provide size recommendations. A shopper will answer a few questions – usually about their height, weight, age and fit preference – then be provided with a size recommendation for a specific garment.

Explore: Virtusize, Fit Analytics

Garment Measuring App

If you’re looking for a digital solution to do more for your business than simply help customers choose a size, Tailored’s garment measuring app (Capture) is a great option. Capture is a machine learning software that learns the blueprint of garments your customers already own. By simply taking a photo with their mobile device you’ll have access to the measurements of their best fitting garment, its shape and color. This data can be used to perform comparisons with items you sell and aid in future sales.

To learn how Capture is being utilized by the fashion industry, check out our case studies.