June 24, 2020 Dave Desmarais

Virtual Fitting Rooms Need A Makeover | What Covid-19 Taught Us

I’ll bet you’ve never been shopping online and thought “Virtual fitting rooms are great at helping me choose a size.” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. They just aren’t as helpful as we need them to be yet. The Covid-19 pandemic is shedding more light on the need to improve online fitting. For years the industry has introduced novel fit solutions such as personal avatars, only to continuously revert back to 3D body scanning and questionnaires as the more practical solutions. Both have merit but do little to factor in the most important aspect of fashion, fit preference. Tailored is helping to change that.

Garment Scanning Technology

According to Digital Commerce 360, online apparel sales have fluctuated greatly during the pandemic and it remains one of the worse hit sectors. Store closures make it difficult to visit your favorite store to try something on, so what to do? Your current wardrobe is the greatest indicator of how you prefer your clothing to fit. Tailored is capitalizing on this with its garment scanning technology, Capture. Grab your mobile device, lay a well fitting garment out flat and snap a photo. Capture’s algorithms instantly measure your entire garment and can then sort a product catalog by fit match.

Virtual fitting rooms

Made-to-measure and bespoke clothing retailers have expressed similar sentiments around virtual fitting. To improve the online ready-to-wear and custom apparel experience, additional customer data points may be needed. Tailored hopes to deliver this with Capture, giving retailers their first glimpse into a customers current wardrobe.

A Complete Solution

We believe virtual fitting rooms of the future will be a combination of clothing measurements, body measurements and virtual chat. The internet can’t replace the tactile experience of trying on clothing, nor will algorithms alone be able to perfectly discern how a person prefers their close fit based on a questionnaire.

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