The #1 Measuring App

Capture is the worlds only instant measuring app for apparel. Measure an entire garment with a single photo.

It Measures How You Do, But Faster

Capture is a patented technology that has learned the critical measure locations of thousands articles of clothing.

One Tap

Is all it takes to measure an entire garment

Save Time

Cut down on time spent by 50% or more

Data Entry

Copy and paste data where you need it

Edit Measurements

Easily review your work and make adjustments if necessary. Simply click an image you’d like to adjust and move the measure points.

It's Accurate

Achieve accuracy to within 1/8 inch (.318cm).

You Decide How To Photograph

No two fashion businesses operate the same. So we engineered Capture to be flexible in how it’s used. You choose how and where to photograph.

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