The #1 Clothes Measuring App

Capture is the worlds only instant measuring app created for apparel. Now you can measure an entire garment with a single digital photo. Enabling you and your teams to make quick work of measuring tasks!

It Measures How You Do, Only Faster

Capture is a patented technology that has learned the critical measure locations of thousands articles of clothing. Using this data, Capture can measure most ready-to-wear garments in a digital photo.


One tap of the camera button on your phone will capture the critical measurements of an entire garment.


The average number of seconds it takes to lay out a garment, snap a photo and receive a full measurement analysis.


The percentage of your time you’ll get back. You know, the time you used to spend on manual measuring.

Complete Control

With Capture you can review your work and make adjustments if necessary. Simply click on the image you’d like to adjust and move the markers. When your done, Capture will recalculate all the measurements for you in real time based on the new marker locations.


Our algorithms have learned from thousands of garment images, helping create one of the most accurate non-human clothes measuring systems. With Capture you’ll be able to achieve accuracy to within 1/8 inch (.318cm).

You Decide How To Photograph

No two fashion businesses operate the same. So we engineered Capture to be flexible in how it’s used. You choose how and where to photograph.

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