December 20, 2019 Dave Desmarais

Made to Measure Software for Apparel Businesses

Tailored Capture - made to measure software for apparel

If you’re in the made-to-measure industry, you need effective tools for collecting customer measurements. Unfortunately you must rely on technology because consumers are not good at measuring themselves. The good news is there are plenty of apps and web tools available to help you collect a customer’s body measurements. Though as you know, a good fit can mean different things even for people with the same body measurements. For this reason Tailored created Capture, a measuring app for clothes.

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Capture was created to eliminate the need to measure clothing by hand. We also help brands and retailers better understand a person’s fit preference. What better way to learn this than by looking at the clothes a person already owns? Capture is easy to use and accessible to anyone with a mobile device. In this article we’ll discuss how Capture works and how it will help you create better fitting garments your customers will love.

Why You Should Collect A Customers Clothing Measurements

A good clothing fit is a preference, not a science. There is no standard for how an individual will like their clothes to fit. Two people with the same body measurements might prefer their shirts and slacks fit differently. Herein lies the issue with placing sole importance on body measurements in made-to-measure apparel. But this is something you already know. So to make sure your customers are happy with their purchase, Tailored provides an important additional data point – the measurements of well fitting garments they already own.

made-to-measure software

Body measurements are great at informing a tailor what absolutely will or will not fit a person. Although they won’t tell them how someone prefers their clothes to fit. The Capture clothes measuring app provides additional fit-data so you can produce a garment matching their preferred fit.

Capture Measures Well Fitting Garments Your Customers Already Own

Capture is a patented software that measures clothing by photo. A single photo taken with any mobile device will capture the complete critical measurements of a garment. The clothing someone already owns is the greatest indicator of preferred fit. Instead of asking customers to bring in their best fitting items or have them measure by hand, Capture does it for them.

Capture is not another mobile app people will be required to download onto their device. It’s a simple web app people access directly from your site. Integration between Capture and your online store is simple. We provide a widget for you to install anywhere on your site. From there, when a customer wants to send you measurements of their best fitting trousers, they simply open the app on their device and snap a few photos.

Instantly Receive Customer Garment Measurements

Today’s consumer wants instant gratification. The quicker you’re able to perform the initial fit and style process, the quicker you can produce their garment. In made-to-measure software it’s not only about speed; accuracy and consistency are also very important. For this reason, offering your

customers the ability to use Capture to record their clothes measurements will provide you better insights into their preferred fit. It will also make it easier for them to buy from you by eliminating barriers.

Online clothes measuring tool for iPhoneAfter taking their clothing photos, users can instantly email an image of their garment, along with the measurements, directly to you. You will also have access to an administrative page that allows you to see every photo taken and all the measurements. So if your business is more hands on, you can simply tell users to photograph their garments, and you can instantly view the data there, without the need for them to email you.

They Don’t Need Special Equipment

Capture measures clothes with a point and a click. Something all consumer are looking for now days. It’s one of the reasons why Amazon is used by millions across the globe. Their checkout process is done with one click.

The only requirement to use Capture is to print out a business-card sized pattern on plain paper. This dot pattern must be in the photo with the garment. It’s what provides the Capture system with accurate scale. Other than that, measuring is as simple as following the garment layout instructions and snapping a photo.

Make It Easy For Online Customers To Buy From  You

There is an inherent struggle in getting a customer to visit a tailor to get their measurements taken. Sending out a variety of shirt blanks to try on and send back is costly and time consuming. Made-to-measure software options available today aid in the creation of garments. They don’t make it simpler for customers to get you their most important measurements.

Tailored Capture improves the overall online customer experience. Our web app lets your customers photo-measure their best fitting garment from the comfort of their home with a single photo. You instantly receive the measurement data and can then make the appropriate shirt or pant selection based on a measurement comparison.

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