When You Need The Measurements Of Their Best Fitting Shirt Or Trousers

Capture can measure an entire garment in less than 20 seconds. One photo is all that’s needed.

The Easiest Way To Collect Measurements

One photo of a laid-flat garment returns a complete set of measurements. You’ll instantly receive the measurement data through email or by accessing our web tool.

Why Capture

Learn A Customer's Fit Preference

Clothing they already own is the best indicator of a customer’s preferred fit.

To Service Customers From Afar

Instantly collect their measurements when you can’t see a customer in person.

Make It Easy For Them To Buy

They’ll be confident they’re getting something that will fit.

When You Can't See Customers In Person

Make it easy for people to buy from you by providing simple ways to collect their fit data. With Capture customers snap one photo of their best fitting items and share the data with you.

User Friendly Tool They Use From Home

A simple web app they access from your website.

What You Receive

You’ll get an image of their garment labeled at each measured area. You’ll also receive a list of each measurement.

Capture Is Coming Soon

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