February 9, 2021 Dave Desmarais

Measure Clothes With Ease With A Clothing Measuring App

Clothing measuring app

There are only two ways to measure a piece of clothing. The first is the way we’ve been doing it for centuries, which is of course by hand. The second is using an app. If measuring clothing is something you do on a regular basis and are looking for a better way, you’re in luck. Tailored created an innovative clothing measuring app you can access from any mobile device. All it takes is a single photo.

Why Clothing Measurements Are So Important

We’re all individuals. Each day we make choices that show the world our individuality. Clothing and the accessories we wear are primary displays of our individuality. Each and every day we put on clothing that matches our likes and preferences. When we go out to purchase new apparel our mind is subconsciously telling us the colors, fit and styles to seek out. Personal preference and individuality are a big deal.

Vintage ApparelFor consumers and business owners alike, knowing the measurements of the clothing they’re buying or selling is a relatively new demand. For decades we’ve all relied on number and letter sizes on the tag to tell us about fit. In the past our only option for buying or selling clothing was a physical store or a thrift shop. Shoppers could try items on, knowing the measurements wasn’t necessary. Today consumers are keen enough to know when buying clothing, tag sizes are all over the map and do not provide an indication of fit.

Sizes on the tag are now viewed by many as a guide, not a fact. Informing the buyer or seller if a garment will be in the realm of fitting or not. Nothing about the tag size tells us if the item will fit the way we want it to. A garments measurements certainly can come much closer.

If You Desire Or Want To Provide An Easier Shopping Experience

We all own clothing that matches our preference for proper fit. You’ve probably even said to yourself you wished you’d purchased five of the same item in different colors because it fit so well. Or maybe you’ve even done that.

Aside from a garment’s physical construction and material, the measurements of your best fitting clothes is what determines the fit. Hence the reason knowing the measurements can make life super simple when shopping for new clothing, but who has time or knows the proper way to measure?

clothing measuring app

Capture is an advanced web app that uses the latest machine learning and computer vision technology to measure clothing in photos. With a clothing measuring app, there is no need to fuss around with measuring tapes. Simply grab the Capture app, lay your garment flat and snap a quick photo. Instantly you’ll receive a full spectrum of measurements most important to fit. Save them for later or use them to compare to new garments you’re shopping online.

Measure Your Clothes, Not Your Body

One thing that pairs with each of us being individuals is we each have our own unique body shape. It’s for this reason clothing sizes will never be standardized and garment sizing will continue to confuse. Just take a look at how clothing sizes have changed over the years and you’ll see why this is so.

Instant garment measuringWe all prefer clothing to fit our body a certain way and our closets are the greatest display of our personal fit preference. As more brands begin to realize the importance of sharing clothing measurements with consumers, consumers will need a way to absorb the information. At the very least they’ll need another garment to compare those measurements to. Capture is an easy way to repeat successful clothing purchases from the past as it quickly captures your current clothings fit profile. It can then compare the two garments and inform whether there is a fit match or not.

When Shopping Secondhand

Shopping for secondhand clothing no longer has the stigma of being only for those who cannot afford full price. There are many reasons people aged 18 to 60 are seeking out vintage and gently used clothing. Concerns for the planet, individuality and price are all major contributors. The secondhand industry is exploding worldwide and is expected to double in value to $51 billion by 2025, eventually overtaking fast fashion. Companies like ThredUP, Depop and Poshmark provide platforms for consumers to buy and sell with ease.

But if you’ve ever shopped for secondhand clothing, you’re well aware determine fit can be tricky. Again, tag sizes are confusing with secondhand clothing due to the garment being worn and washed. Additionally, the garment could also be from a decade when sizes were a bit different than they are today. Either way, finding the right fit is important and Capture can help with the quick snap of a photo.

online fit tool to help reduce product returnsMaking Clothing Reselling Easy

The amazing thing about the internet is anyone can have their own business. There are more than 25,000 resale retailers in the United States and tens of million individual clothing resellers around the world.

Whether you’re just starting out, running your business on the side or are a full time reseller, Capture will greatly reduce the time and hassle you spend on the listing process. Capture not only measures the clothing you’re selling with a quick photo but it also sends the measurement data where ever you need to complete your listing. In addition to your measurements you can also use the output photo (shown above) as one of the photos on your product page so shoppers can instantly see where the garment was measured and what the measurements are.

How to Get The Capture Clothing Measuring App

Capture was created as a web application, meaning there’s no need to download another mobile app to your device. Capture is accessed via any web browser on a mobile device that has a camera.

Try it here for 14 days free.

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