February 23, 2017 Dave Desmarais

A Single Photo Can Measure Your Clothes and Determine Fit

photo measure clothes

The majority of individuals steer away from purchasing clothing online. In fact, about 65% don’t purchase online. Perhaps it’s the inability to view an item up close, touch it, or try it on that makes people uneasy. It could also be that instant gratification is lost with online purchases. These reasons have merit, but the main gripe is there is a good chance the garment chosen may not fit and will need to be returned. To solve this issue for retailers and consumers, Tailored created a unique photo tool to give online shoppers confidence they’re buying the right item. What makes the photo tool unique is it performs its magic by looking at something a shopper already owns.

Look vs. Fit

It’s easy to look at an article of clothing and in a matter of seconds determine if it’s a match to ones personal taste. After all, retailers, marketing teams and startups around the globe put a lot of effort into making clothes attractive. Alternatively, determining if it will fit with a simple glance is a different story.

Measure clothes by photo with CaptureUntil now there have only been a few ways to shop by fit from the comfort of home. Options include consumer apps that scan the body, and online fit questionnaires. These methods are not well adopted either because of ease-of-use issues, ineffectiveness or overall comfort level in using the platform (see taking photos of yourself in tight clothes). Tailored’s new software takes a more logical and effective approach to tackling the online fit issue. The only thing needed is a mobile device and a well-fitting garment.

How Measure Clothes By Photo Works

All of us have clothes in our closet that fit well. Tailored’s new software, named Capture, analyzes the fit properties of those garments and uses the data to narrow search results. When referring to fit properties we mean a garments physical measurements. Thus what Capture actually does is measure clothes by photo.

For example, if one was in the market for a new pair of slacks. In the comfort of their home the shopper can use a well fitting pair of pants they own as a reference.  They place them flat on the floor, pull out a mobile device and snap a photo. Capture will instantly measure the garment and visually display how the garment was measured.

Capture falls into the machine learning category and will get smarter and more accurate the more it is used. The ability to measure clothes by photo changes the game for retailers throughout the supply chain. With most tasks in the industry performed by human hands, automation is much welcomed.

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