Plans For Businesses and Individual Sellers

All plans include access to Capture, our garment measuring app, as well as your own private data portal. Scroll down for details.


For those just starting out
$20 /month
  • • 40 garments/month
  • • One license


Great for small businesses
$60 /month
  • • 150 garments/month
  • • One license


For growing retailers
$100 /month
  • • 300 garments/month
  • • 3 licenses


Our most advanced offering
Contact us for pricing
  • • 300+ garments/month
  • • 3+ licenses
  • • API support
  • • Customizable integration

All Plans Include

Access to Capture

Our garment measuring web app. No apps to download, simply access Capture from the browser on your iPhone or Android device.

The Tailored Cloud

Here you have the ability to access and review every garment you’ve photographed. All labeled photos and measurements are saved here.

Instant Measuring

Every garment photographed is measured in less than 5 seconds. Save, upload and share labeled photos and measurement data.


  • What garment types can I measure?
    Most types of pants, shorts and tops.
  • What devices does Capture work with?
    Capture is a web app, meaning it will work with any iOS or Android phone (support for tablets is coming).
  • Can I change the points of measure?
    Yes. Most measurement features are customizable.
  • Is Capture accurate?
    Yes. Our system will allow you to achieve measurement accuracy up to 1/8 inch (.318cm).
  • How does Capture achieve accuracy?
    Capture's machine learning has seen thousands of different garments. Each time a photo of a garment is taken, it allows our system to get smarter and more accurate.
  • Can I edit measurements if they don't look right?
    Yes. Our web tool allows you to edit measure locations after a photo is taken.
  • Can I save labeled images to my phone?
    Yes. Save images and measurement data directly to your phone as a JPG, PDF, or CSV.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    No. The only items you need are a mobile device and our printable reference card.

See Results On Your Phone and Computer

Capture has been used by both fashion experts and retailers. You can be assured you’re getting a tool that’s easy to use and contains time-saving features.

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