We Offer Plans For Businesses of All Sizes

All plans include access to Capture, our web-based photo app. Scroll down for details.


For those just starting out
$20 /month
  • • 60 garments per month
  • • One license
  • • Access to web reporting


Great for small businesses
$100 /month
  • • 400 garments per month
  • • One license
  • • Access to web reporting


For growing retailers
$300 /month
  • • 2000 garments per month
  • • 3 licenses
  • • Access to web reporting
  • • API suppot


Our most advanced offering
Call for pricing
  • • 2000+ garments per month
  • • 3+ licenses
  • • Access to web reporting
  • • API support
  • • Customizable integration


  • What garment types can I measure?
    All types of pants, shorts and most tops.
  • What devices does Capture work with?
    Capture is a web app, meaning it will work with any iOS or Android phone (Tablet coming soon).
  • Can I change the points of measure?
    Yes. This is an additional feature we offer and can help you set up.
  • Is Capture accurate?
    Our specific garment positioning will allow you to achieve accuracy up to 1/8 inch (.318cm).
  • How does Capture achieve accuracy?
    Our reference card is required to be in the photo with your garment. It's printable and about the size of a business card.
  • Can I edit measurements if they don't look right?
    Yes. Our web tool allows you to edit measure locations after a photo is taken.
  • Can I save labeled images to my phone?
    Yes. Save images directly to your phone as a JPG, PDF, or CSV.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    No. The only items you need are a mobile device and our reference card.

User Friendly Interface

We’ve tested our platform with clients, fashion experts and retailers. You can be assured you’re getting a tool that’s easy to use and contains time-saving features.

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