October 30, 2020 Dave Desmarais

The Resale Clothing Software You Need

resale clothing software by Tailored

The wonderful thing about the resale clothing industry is there is no lack of product to sell. There is also a well established, and growing, market of buyers. The global resale industry is expected to reach $51 billion by 2024. This is exciting for all resellers, and as is true with any expanding market segment, new and helpful technology is following close behind. The resale clothing software market is emerging with time saving technologies for all budgets. One unique technology is a garment measuring app, which we’ll discuss here.

App that reduces garment listing times

Having a quicker listing process means more garments listed each day. It also means more product available online which in turn means more sales. With time being one resource we can’t get back, most global resellers are investing in process efficiency, and thus you should be too.

There are plenty of tools entering the market which are easy on the wallet and heavy on features.

measurement app for clothesThe average time it takes to list a garment from intake to available online is 10 minutes. When Tailored meets with resellers, we often ask which steps in the listing process cause the most pain. The two that come up most often are measuring clothes and entering measurement data/product descriptions into the listing. Unfortunately many resellers are unaware of the automation technologies available to them.

resale clothing software

Automating clothes measuring

Capture is a garment measuring app. Simply put, it measures clothing in digital photos. Now, instead of measuring by hand, resellers simply snap a photo of a garment and their job is done.digital clothes measuring app

Capture is a software that solves multiple pain points with the click of a button. Not only does it eliminate the measuring step, it also sends the data to your online listing. Unlike humans, Capture performs measurements in the same way each time and measures the same location on each garment. Reducing errors and improving overall consistency.

Simple integration, zero down time

As a reseller, your team is your most valuable asset. Introducing new technology might seem daunting. Not to worry, Capture is user friendly and easy to learn. Check out our resource page, you’ll find a half dozen short videos on how Capture is used.

With Capture, there is no mobile app to download or expensive software to purchase. Capture is a web based app that operates in the cloud. This means you can photograph garments with your mobile device using just the web browser.

Alternatively, you can snap photos with a DSLR camera if that’s your preferred method. Capture combines steps in the garment listing workflow and uses technology to reduce the human effort.

Establishing an efficient workflow

Tailored has worked with resale giants from around the globe, as well as local shops. What they’ve learned is each reseller has a different garment intake process which can be condensed to improve efficiency. Thus Tailored created the Capture app to perform two simple functions that will reduce the most time for resellers: measure garments and enter data.

Resale apparel software

Resellers may simply subscribe to one of Captures monthly plans, and use the app how and when they wish. Most resellers realize a 50% reduction in time spent on listings within the first two weeks of using Capture.

The reason resellers experience such a drastic time savings is because teams are already doing the work of photographing garments for their site. If you’re taking four photos of a pair of pants, taking one additional photo to get its measurements makes sense. Though this one additional photo reduces two time consuming steps in the process.

Help customers buy the right garment

The problem with buying clothes online is you’re never quite sure what fit you’re going to get. Sizing varies between brands and you obviously can’t try anything on to see if the item matches your preferred fit.

These consumer pains grow when buying vintage apparel. Items have been worn and washed multiple times causing slight distortions to their original sizing. Additionally, since each item is a one-off, so a consumer better guess right or risk the hassle of a return.

Because of the pains felt by consumers, Capture also doubles as an online fit tool. It uses the power of clothing they already own as a fit guide. Shoppers are able to compare the fit of garments they own to the garments you sell online with a simple photo.

Additional time saving software to consider

The resale clothing software market is coming strong with new tools to improve the lives of resellers. Some are designed to save time, others to improve sales. Listing software now exists which will allow you to quickly upload products to your website as well as to other sales platforms like eBay and OfferUp.

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