Learning Center

Here you’ll find everything you need to have a great Capture experience.

Getting Started

You’ll need a reference card to use Capture. Download and print now, or print from within the app.

Helpful Walkthroughs

These informative how-to videos will help you master your Capture experience.


A brief demonstration of the Capture garment measuring app.

Bottoms demonstration

Walkthrough for photo-measuring a pair of jeans.

Garment layout: Bottoms

Step by step instructions for proper bottoms layout.

Garment layout: Short sleeve/Sleeveless

Step by step instructions for proper short sleeve or sleeveless shirt layout.

Garment layout: Long sleeve tops

Step by step instructions for proper long sleeve shirt layout.

Reporting Tool

Review you work, download reports, and edit measurements. Do it all in the Capture reporting tool.

General overview

Reviews basic reporting tool functionality.

Editing measurements

How to adjust a measurement in the reporting tool.

Editing Measurements

These images show proper pin position when adjusting measurements in the reporting tool.

Alternate Camera Setups

In addition to using Capture in a handheld position, here are two other methods to consider.

Fixed camera position

An example of how to use Capture in a fixed position.

Tailored Promotional Video