June 26, 2020 Jeff Collins

Software for Measuring Garments

Software is used to manage many facets of the garment industry.  Product Life-cycle Management and Enterprise Resource Planning are two common ones.  They’re deployed regularly to assists with manufacturing and sales.  Automation technology is slowly entering the world of fashion, yet there are still tasks which require 100% human involvement.  Tailored is hoping to change that with Capture, the first software for measuring garments without human hands.

Software For Measuring Garments

Shirt measurementsUntil recently, using software to measure an entire garment did not exist.  If you’ve ever measured a piece of clothing, you know why. Apparel is complex. It’s also non-rigid. Programming a computer or robot to manipulate a garment in an effective way to allow it to be measured is very challenging.

Capture allows a person to instantly “capture” and record a garment’s measurements.  It’s able to accomplish this using modern machine learning and computer vision technology. All user has to do is layout a garment in a specific manner, point their mobile device and take a photo.

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All post-production garments are still hand-measured for accuracy during the quality control process.  In order for a garment to pass the measure test, it must be within the tolerance threshold. Measurement tolerances, set by the brand, range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch depending on where the measurement is taken on the garment.

Hand-measuring is very labor intensive. Members of the Quality Control team spend a ton of time performing these tasks. In fact, it can take several minutes to measure one garment and record the corresponding data.

Measurement Automation

software for measuring garmentsTailored aims to automate the garment measuring process.  Quality Control staff will now only need a mobile device and the ability to press a button to instantly measure a garment.  Using Capture to measure the garment makes it quick, easy and precise.

Not only is Capture easy to use, but the recorded measurement data will be stored in the correct place.  Staff will no longer have to hand measure the garment, write down the data and then transfer the data to the database.  We have estimated that utilizing Capture reduces the time needed to perform garment measuring tasks by more than 75%. (See our Case Study page for more on how retailers are using Capture)

Quality Control employees will now have the ability to measure a larger sample size of the production run ensure the brand maintains the quality customers expect. Software for measuring garments now exists.

If handsfree measuring is something you’re interested in, reach out to us here. We’d love to hear from you!


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