November 1, 2016 Dave Desmarais

Virtual Fitting App For Your Online Store

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One of the most difficult steps in buying clothing online is choosing a size. Because of this, virtual fitting is a major focus of startups around the globe. It’s been this way for over a decade. Although a handful have made significant strides, 90% of new virtual fitting technology has not caught on. If you’re looking for a virtual fitting app to help increase sales or decrease returns – consider an app that measures clothing, not the body.

Fit Preference and Virtual Fitting

Consumer confidence is a big deal. Though helping a customer feel confidence they’re making the right purchase is not easy. Because it’s difficult, many apparel shoppers engage in bracket buying to improve their chances of securing the right size and fit. Sure, asking for body measurements or requiring they fill out a fit questionnaire may help, but those won’t tell you the most important information. His or her fit preference.

Virtual fitting app

Capture is a photo software that looks at the clothing people already wear to determine their fit preference. When adding Capture to your site, a small badge gets placed on the product page. From there, shoppers who tap the badge are instructed to take a photo of their best fitting clothes. What they will see is a custom sorted catalog of apparel from your site, showing them only items matching their preferred fit. Capture not only suggests the most appropriate styles, but also shows them the size they should buy in the style being suggested. Getting shoppers to your check-out page faster and with more confidence.

An App For Clothing Measurements

Getting customers to interact with widgets on your online store is much easier than having them download a new app. Because of this, Capture is not a mobile app, it’s a web app. The major difference being a web app is accessed through the browser on a cell phone or tablet. Contrast this with a mobile app which must be downloaded and installed onto the device. With a web app there’s no need to download anything from an app store or create an account. With web apps there’s little barrier to usage, unlike mobile apps.

Additionally, you’ve probably noticed in your own daily life you don’t download a lot of new apps. Your’e not alone, people download fewer new apps these days. Thus the reason most retailers are opting for web apps versus mobile apps to solve their virtual fitting woes.

Display Styles Based On Fit Matching

Garment fitting appThere are many things online retailers experience when they add a virtual fitting app to their digital mix. Imagine if you could automatically place your product in front of the people it was physically designed for, anywhere in the world. Capture uses this concept to show shoppers what styles are available to them, leaving out what won’t fit.

Garment Sizing by Photo

One major flaw in many virtual fitting apps is basing style and size recommendations off of a persons body measurements. That works only up to a point, because body measurements will not relay how someone likes their clothes to fit. Capture is not only a unique technology, we are laser focused on solving the size and fit issues most retailers experience with regard to online purchases. It’s most apparent for retailers who sell denim and other types of bottoms as people in general have a more difficult time choosing the right size bottoms when compared to tops.

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