January 11, 2016 Dave Desmarais

Virtual Fitting Room For Your Online Store

Virtual fitting room for your online store

If you were born in the 80’s, you probably thought by 2017 flying cars and virtual reality would be commonplace. The truth is we’re just starting to see VR in the mainstream and the former may never come. Some technology is great in theory yet is too far fetched to make it to production. Online clothes shopping is one area that could use an innovation boost, specifically virtual fitting room technology. Most companies focus on body measurements to power their virtual fitting rooms, at Tailored our technology uses the clothing people already wear to help them choose a size.

Where we’re at with online shopping

Online clothes buying is a few years away from becoming the majority. In 2015, only 17% of all clothing purchases in the US were done online. Meaning 83% of clothing was purchased via brick-and-mortar stores. Some experiences aren’t transitioning to the web as fast as experts thought given the hyper tech world in which we live. That being said, one thing that keeps peaking its head into news streams is virtual fitting rooms. With virtual fitting, shoppers have the ability to try clothes on without going into a store. The concept is valid, though it’s yet to be seen how effective.

Virtual Fitting Room for your online store

The case for virtual fitting rooms

We all want to look good in the clothes we buy. Online clothes shopping brings convenience and time savings. The problem lies when it comes to acquiring a garment that fits. This is where traditional fitting rooms shine.

Alternatively, being able to stand in ones living room and try an item on our “virtual self” seems intriguing. There is one problem with virtual fitting rooms that has yet to be solved; when virtually trying on a garment you have no way to tell if the item will fit.

I was once told buying clothes is an emotional experience. The idea any technology could replace going to a store to see, feel and try-on an article of clothing was silly.

Fit preference and virtual fitting

With clothing, a good fit takes precedence over looks. Emotion plays a big part when we meld fit and fashion. When we find the perfect balance it puts a smile on our faces. This is why Tailored created Capture. It’s clear online shopping is not disappearing any time soon, therefore learning a customers fit early is paramount.

Capture is a web technology that looks at the clothing people already own and love to determine their fit preference. Have a great fitting blouse in your closet? Awesome, snap a photo of it with Capture and the software goes to work creating a fit profile of the garment, complete with its measurements.

For the first time retailers have access to fit data from a customers current wardrobe. Tailored created the tech to provide insight. It’s also a great way to boost consumer confidence, because people are more comfortable with what they know.

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