August 26, 2020 Dave Desmarais

Your Clothing Blueprint – Also Know As The Fit Properties

Understanding your clothing blueprint

Similar to building a house, clothing is built using blueprints. The apparel industry’s term for a clothing blueprint is tech pack. Identical to the blueprint for a home, the tech pack contains all the information a manufacturer needs to produce a specific garment in a range of sizes. This includes specifics on material type, sizing, color, and the measurements for all components which must be assembled. As consumers we know none of this information at purchase, and rightly so. Although understanding the blueprint of apparel you already own could be key to helping you find new, well fitting apparel.

Using Computer Vision to Analyze Apparel

Every garment available for sale online has it’s own blueprint. By blueprint I’ll now refer only to its fit and measurements. Understanding a garments measurements will help you understand its fit. For example, if you know the overall length of your favorite top, it’s one aspect of fit you now know.

Measuring clothing by hand is not something we all know how to do or have time for, so we created Capture. Capture uses computer vision to analyze images of clothing. Specifically images of clothing laid flat. Capture instantly learns the blueprint of a garment when you take a photo with your smartphone. Each garment is analyzed and categorized to help the system get smarter over time.

Clothing Fit Comparison

To make sure you choose the right size, it makes sense to make a comparison. The comparison should be done between a well fitting item you own and a new item you’re considering buying. Many websites instruct you to measure a well fitting item to help you you choose the correct style and size. As discussed above, not many will do this. Hence Capture will measure and make the comparison for you.

Clothes Measuring App


The most important information you can gather from the clothing you own is the measurements. If you know the thigh measurement of your favorite jeans, you can easily shop for jeans with similar thigh measurements. These are just a few examples of why knowing your garment’s blueprint can be helpful.

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